Hello my fellow explorers, galactic friends and miscreants.

It’s time for a rant …

Oh, and the reason why I am putting this page on my website is because the Frontier Forums are so heavily moderated it’s quite frankly a joke these days.

As you may know, I have been a huge fan of Elite:Dangerous for many years. The enjoyment this game brought me was second to none. I was really looking forward to the exploration of space and what the game promised in the kick starter days.

This was meant to be a space exploration game. Going out into the void and exploring the unknown to find exciting new worlds, species, the existance of other races, the technology that would bring the player, the new items that could be shared with other players to build and improve your knowledge of the galaxy and who we share it with. Build new outposts, expand into other systems. Letting players and groups or even clans blaze there own trail.

The deep space explorer could have been the most important commodity to the development of the game. Instead, we got something completely different and something that wasn’t sold as the ideal for the project in the kick starter days.

I was excited to meet alien races, interact with beings from other planets and systems, settle down on remote planets and setup my temporary base to then walk around and harvest needed materials for further space travel. Pickup story based missions, that would send me out into space, to enjoy all the hard work the developers were going to put into crafting & designing great looking places, systems, cities … didn’t happen.

As for alien races, the only alien race in the past 5 years of development seems to be some flower shaped combat oriented ‘Thargoid’ vessels. No home world, nothing to explore. The lack of a story based mission, which could send the player out into space to explore these places, investigate the Thargoid planets or anything of the sort is such a wasted opportunity. You may get interdicted, you may not, you might see a ship harvest from a barnacle, you may not. The whole Thargoid, ahem ‘War’ is the most drawn out boring thing I have ever seen in a game. There is no WAR, there are simply copy and paste star-ports on fire.

No stories. No player driven galaxy changing events. All the C:G’s were purely focused on combat. Which would always end up being completed due to the way C:G’s work, whether or not the player base wanted them to complete or not. The Thargoid story is on a fixed path. There is nothing the player base can do to change it. Despite what anyone says on the subject. We might as well all just go and do something else in space. The Thargoids are going to do what Frontier Developments want them to do. It’s not the players choice. There are no ways to communicate with the Thargoids, this is by choice of the developers. There are no missions or engaging game play, other than combat …

There were exactly zero space exploration C:G’s that sent the player out into space to find out about the Thargoids. What are they, where did they come from, what do they want, why are they even in the game … nothing that could engage the player and take them on an exploration story telling journey – such a waste … !

Frontier chose to simply plonk these things into the galaxy that could randomly turn up and annoy the player, without ever explaining to the player what they are.

Why were there no story – linked – chained – missions that would take the player on an exploration journey to learn about the Thargoids ?????

Without the likes of Cannon and other organisations which actually have Frontier staff in them telling the groups of secret locations to go and investigate, places like INRA bases, Thargoid star-map constructions? mega ships, barnacle sites etc. … would never have been found. There are no hand crafted missions taking the player on a journey of discovery. Which is exactly what this game was supposed to be about.

Such lazy game development can only go on for so long before the player base dwindles into non existence and all you have left are the die hard combat pilots who sometimes come online and blow shit up.

I am genuinely saddened by the approach Frontier Developments have taken towards this game.

Frontier Developments – you have lost one of your biggest space exploration fans.