Tip Off

“Welcome isokix,

We’ve heard about a crash site with a reported treasure trove of cargo canisters. The main score though is the ship data core that can be scanned there.

Our contact mentioned a recovery crew is scheduled to be sent out in a couple of weeks. So you have until then to pick up the data.

Right. Head for the Acan system, then make your way to Acan B 4. You’ll find the site at this location: Lat: -36.54, Lon: -9.05.

The tip came with an encryption key for the data core, I hope it works out.

Good luck with your hunt!”

Ship Message

…What the hell was that!…. hit from behind….systems disabled…..oh god it’s killed us….I can’t pull up….brace, brace, brace.


System : AcanPlanet : B 4Coords : Lat: -36.54, Lon: -9.05