Alien Items

It seems Professor Palin is requesting the collection of Alien items. All you need to do is dock at Obsidian Orbital and you will be given the mission.


As this is a chained mission set, the rewards vary. It depends on your highest Combat, Trade or Exploration rank. There are three chained missions, each increasing in value. Once you have handed in all three, you can start the chain again by re-docking at Obsidian Orbital.

Unknown Structure

The closest Unknown Structure to Merope is :

62.8175 137.8808

Unknown Structure

Ram Tah

Turns out the Palin mission is designed to replace the Ram Tah mission for story progression, payout is no longer 100m. I wonder if this means the next story progression will take as long … ?

Ram Tah Mission

Unkown Artifact

You may need to open the door and enter the Unknown Structure to collect the Unknown Resin or Unknown Biological Matter. You can collect a UA from the ground here :

Unknown Artifact

Chained Missions

Once you hand in the alien items at which ever base is listed in the port of the transaction log entry on your navigation panel, head back out to Obsidian Orbital and you will receive another mission.

Unknown Resin
Unknown Technology Samples
Unknown Biological Matter