Alien Ruins have been located in the Elite Dangerous universe very close to Sol – within 1,000 Ly in fact. The location of the ruins is in the Synuefe system. The site includes ancient artifacts which can be scooped up and sold at market.

But the most amazing things are the alien blocks that can be scanned which reveal underground ancient pillars that rise up out of the ground. These ancient pillars hold a blue crystal of some kind. I have heard that players shoot the pillars and harvest the blue crystals. I think it’s similar to the barnacles. Shoot, destroy, harvest.

I wonder what all this means. I wonder how we will interact with this site. So many questions, the next few days will be very exciting.

System : Synuefe xr-h d11-102
Planet : 1 B
Coords : -128.9212  /  -31.7347

YouTube Live Stream

Alien Teaser Video, 3302

Still Frames


The tinfoil mad hatters have been busy at work coming up with numerous ways to try and work out what this all means.

Synuefe xr-h d11-102Planet : 1 B-128.9212  /  -31.7347