Today I came across a forum post that said there was a crashed Anaconda in the system HR 5906. At first I thought it was another Tip Off mission. But this was something else entirely.

I jumped in my ship and headed out to take a look. On first sight it looks like a CMDR decided to hang up his helmet and retire.

But after scanning the data logs, it transpires that some kids found this site and tried to activate the ships systems. ‘Security Breach Detected, Removing Threat … ‘ then the data logs end. So I am still none the wiser as to who owns this ship or what happened to those pesky kids.

The ship overlooks a mountain range, the pleiades nebula and orbits a gas giant with spectacular rings, that is very close to the planet. In the day time the view of the GG is impressive.

Directors Cut

HR 5906 ABPLANET 2 A6.92017, -102.43405