A new mega-ship has been found in HIP 17962 near planet 3 A. It’s called Aquarius Class Tanker ALF-895. It’s been attacked by Thargoids and I think it’s the closest one found to SOL, only 143.77 Ly’s away.

While I was there a Thargoid turned up and was scanning for things. It picked up some occupied escape pods, data canisters and scanned me. It was non hostile, so I gave some space and just watched his movements. It eventually left, without attacking me. I’m sure whether this one destroyed the Mega-ship or something else bigger and more scary did.

If there is something bigger and more scary than the Thargoids we have seen so far, then I wonder how big they are? There are rumours that there is something even more scary out in the locked COL 70 SECTOR. But as yet, no one has seen anything.

There is a communications log on the ship, the transcript is as follows :

 Communications Log

I don't want to hear what we can't do. I need solutions otherwise.

We're going to split into teams and see what we can salvage. Start with the escape pods and see what we can get operational again.