A new type of Thargoid has been seen out in the ELECTRA system. These new Thargoid Intercepter Variants are called Basilisk’s. They appear to be non hostile. You can find them in Non-Human Signal Sources, Threat 6.

Orbiting planet 6 in the Electra system is a wreckage site of a Hogan-Class Cargo Vessel. If you head over to planet 6 you will see these signal sources. Drop out of supercruise and investigate these new Thargoid variants.

ELECTRA, Planet 6, Non-Human Signal Sources (Threat 6)


This new Thargoid variant has a 64 strong thargon swarm. Which makes them much harder to defeat. The new AX1 Taipan fighter craft was specifically designed to combat this new threat. The new craft can be purchased at Jameson Memorial which is a permit locked system. This system is reserved for Elite pilots only. This is a bold move by Frontier to limit access to the new ship to these Elite commanders. It’s kind of saying, do not tackle these Thargoids unless you git gud in combat …


It has been noted that the Basilisk variant has 5 hearts instead of just 4. This makes the Thargoid much harder to kill, add this to the fact that it has health regeneration capabilities and you have one very tough Thargoid.

Confirmed Kill

News has come over the wire that a Basilisk has been killed. DJ Truthsayer posted a video which documented the destruction of a Basilisk. It took 11 commanders a long time to kill just one Thargoid ship.

Basilisk Confirmed Kill

First Encounter

My first contact with this new Thargoid variant was one of a peaceful nature. I was scanned by the Basilisk who then proceeded to go about his business. The Basilisk was scanning cargo. It was collecting damaged plus occupied escape pods.

I know the assumption is that these Thargoids are destroying all these cargo vessels and attacking commanders and pulling them from witch space. But from what I have seen, these Thargoid Interceptors are collecting escape pods.

They are not hostile unless provoked. Get to close they flash warning signs at you, ignore those warning signs and they will attack. Back off and let them go about their business and you will be fine.