Tip Off

“Commander , your attention please.

They’re trying to destabilise the system. We’re trying to close down their supply chain. Grab a scan of this site for us, Commander. We need this data.

Location is Lat: -3.23, Lon: -47.29, on BD+18 5029 B 5 a in the BD+18 5029 system. Our source also passed on an ecryption key for the data core. We’ve uploaded it into your systems to make your life easier.

Back as quick as you can, Commander.”

Ship Message

“Commanders Log:

Looks like security has increased in the system.
It seems that word has gotten out about our planned offensive. They’re trying to cut off our supply lines.

Well we won’t go quietly.”


System : BD+18 5029Planet : B 5 ACoords : -3.23 / -47.29