Betterton Outpost

This settlement can be found on HIP 19792 planet C 2 at -24.7065, 6.5560. It was recently located via Listening Posts at Pleione 6, HIP 17892 2 A, and HIP 19072 2 identified by code RHV-113-A. The green glow is indicative of Thargoid attacks.

Superintendent Callahan requested an immediate rescue operation be sent to the settlement soon after mining ships had reported “alien” sightings.

His requests were ignored and the entire settlement was lost to a Thargoid attack. It is not clear as to the date of this tragedy. But what is known, is that HQ are ultimately responsible for the deaths of these poor soles.

Enter The Thargoid

Whilst at the site, try re-logging from solo to private etc. This should trigger a Thargoid to visit the settlement. It’s an impressive sensory experience. The visuals and sound effects are superb.

Audio Logs

There are four audio logs scattered around the settlement. If you scan them, you can listen to the last words of the outposts man in charge.. Simply drive up to the comms panels with your SRV and scan them. The logs are called MERCY.

Press play on the media player below to have a listen.