So today I received a message via the contact form on this website, from one CMDR Bjorn Olaffson. Thanks CMDR!

CMDR Bjorn, very kindly sent me a message about a Tip Off he had received in his inbox. It pointed him to a planet in the Ceti Sector HR-W c1-16 system. After plotting the course into my ExplorerConda, I headed to take a look. The ship was a downed fighter craft, an F63 condor.

‘I heard voices, or singing . . .’

On scanning the data core and reading the log files, it transpires that this pilot encountered something strange. He said he could hear ‘voices or singing . . .’

Escape Pod

As you can see from the photos, I managed to locate the escape pod. I flew the pod straight to the decontamination centre on Shinrarta Dezhra. Hopefully the pilot will make a full recovery soon.

Tip Off

Hi Commander,

Poor Souls, heading out into the void looking for new worlds and all that. Looks like they didn’t get that far. Can you scan the site for us? We’ll see you’re rewarded.

Get down on Ceti Sector HR-W c1-16 A 1 in the Ceti Sector HR-W C1-16 system. You’ll need to navigate to : Lat: 27.68, Lon: 17.54. Once there you’ll need an encryption key to fully access the data core. Lucky for you, I’ve taken the liberty of adding that to your ship’s systems.

Remember, someone might already bo on the way there, so you could have competition, Commander.

Crew Log

I don’t know what happened, I must have blacked out. The last thing I remember was jumping out of… what was the name of the system? I remember a calm voice. Or maybe it was a song. Maybe I’m just going crazy.

The rescue beacon is up, so hopefully a ship will pick me up in a few days.


Ceti Sector HR-W c1-16Planet : A 1Coords : 27.68 | 17.54