This is very suspicious. A crew have been running experiments on god knows what, when suddenly the settlement they were all working in decides to PURGE itself. This is more than just a coincidence. There are other settlements out there doing the same thing, a conspiracy, maybe – deliberate more likely!

Wredguia JC-K c22-8Body : 6 a-51.6961, -144.0040

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Maintenance Log:

To site maintenance office.
There seems to be something wrong with the atmospherics in Habitat 2.
We’ve been seeing fluctuations in temperature and airflow down here for the last couple of weeks. We need a maintenance crew over here to sort this out immediately. I don’t need to tell you that if the air shuts off it will be a disaster.

Habitat 2 Operations Officer.

Megan Riley.


Personal Log:

I could have sworn I set an my alarm for this morning and what is going on with the atmospherics? It’s like an oven in here. Commander Allen is at the end of his wits, he and Kelly keep fighting, accusing each other of causing the weird mechanical failures over the last few weeks.

All I know is my work is being ruined when the equipment suddenly decides to change operational settings, seemingly by itself. When tech come to fix the issue they say nothing is wrong and it must be user error.

I know how to do my job. It’s not user error. This is something else, and with Kelly’s help I intend to find out who is doing this.


Personal Log:

This can’t be right! According to our computer logs no one is adjusting the habitat systems and there is no sign of sabotage. The only thing we can do is a full reset of the settlement control computer to see if we can purge the problem.

Allen has agreed for it to go ahead. So at 06:00 hrs Kelly and l are going to purge the master computer and hopefully eradicate whatever is causing the systems malfunctions.


Comms Log:

I’m almost in. I should be able to initiate a full purge in a few minutes. Then we can reset the computer.

Unauthorised access detected in system protocols. Initiate purge of facility.

What did you do?

I didn’t do anything. I haven’t even started the… What the hell!

What is it?

Full facility purge in T minus 10 seconds.

The computer it’s locked me out. It’s locked me out of everything. I can’t access any of the settlement’s systems.

Purge in T minus 5 seconds

I can’ t… It won’ t… not like this.

Purging facility in 3… 2… 1