This is a nice little tweak that will make looking at the menu screen a bit more interesting. The video that plays on a loop behind the menu screen is BORING. You can make a much more interesting video to look at simply by copying a new file to a folder.

The path to the folder is :


The filename you want to backup and replace with the same name is :


Backup this file – CTRL+CLICK n DRAG



You must encode your video clip with these settings :

  • It has to be in WebM (VP8 codec) format.
  • It should have the same format as the standard clip (1920×1080). 720p also works.
  • It will loop. Just remember that when choosing a video.


FFmpeg script

You can convert a video file into WEBM format using FFmpeg. Start run > shell:sendto then create a batch file (notepad, save as encodeWEBM.bat) then copy paste this into the file and save. Make sure to save as .bat NOT .txt !

@echo off
ffmpeg -i %1 -c:v libvpx-vp9 -crf 30 -b:v 0 %1.webm

More info on using FFmpeg to encode to WEBM can be found here :


Webm Plug-In

I use Adobe Premiere with the WebM plug-in which is free to download :


Online Conversion

If you have a video file on your PC or a link to a video, just enter it on this website and it’ll convert it for you.

Download the result and save it under the name and in the path mentioned above.