Dav's Hope

This is the story of how the Mining Station called ‘Dav’s Hope’ was found by listening to hidden signals inside Beacons scattered about the bubble.

It transpires that the mining settlement was abandoned back in 3286. An accident claimed the lives of some miners. There boss ignored there pleas to shut down operations and lives were lost.

System : Hyades sector dr-v c2-23
Planet : A 5
lat : 44.818
long : -31.389

Listening Posts

Pic Tok

Message from scanning:

**** Compromised Signal Detected

Matches signal detected at listening posts (col 285 sector my-O b7-2, Col 285 Sector gn-h b11-0) Approxmiate Signal Range 32-34LY ….. Cant get away with this ….. a 5 ….. buried alive

Message Corrupted

Col 285 sector my-O b7-2

Updated message:

Compromised signal detected

Matches signal detected at listening posts (col 285 sector gn-h b-11-0, pic tok) Approx signal range 54-57ly …. can’t get away with this ….. long -31.389378 ….. buried alive

Beacon Signal Lost

Col 285 sector gn-h b-11-0

Approx signal range 46-48ly
lat 44.818069 …Rest of message is about being buried alive

Log Entries

These are the log entries found in the data archives at the base. The story that unfolds, is one of a sad event, that happened deep underground in a mine shaft.