Ram Tah

Decrypting The Guardian Logs

The Engineer Ram Tah, in the Meene system, has issued another “exciting opportunity” Again this sends us out to the Guardian sites. But this one is different. This one will reveal information about The Guardian’ Society.

Audio Log

There is a nice audio log of the mission. Have a listen to this :

Guardian Starship !

Whilst scanning the Obelisks at the Guardian Sites, something very interesting popped up in my inbox :

Guardian Starships which we might be able to actually fly !!!

New Ram Tah Mission

The new Ram Tah mission can be found at these two locations: MITCHELL or WEBBER DOCK in the MEENE system. The old mission is still available, however you need to head over to Felice Dock to pick-up that one.

  • There are 28 new logs to find
  • You can only find these logs at the NEW sites.

Canonn’s Map

This is a very useful tool in finding all the sites needed for you to complete the mission. Thanks scientists! you guys are all awesome!

Guardian Sites Tool

Things You Will Need

You will need to kit out your ship for this mission. You will need a long range exploration vessel. The new Guardian Structures are around 800 Ly’s from Sol.

  • Thargoid Sensor
  • Unknown Link
  • Cyclops Tissue Sample
  • Unknown Probe
  • Corrosive Resistant Cargo Bay
  • Shields – Guardian Sentinels shoot your ship!
  • Advanced Discovery Scanner
  • Detailed Surface Scanner
  • Fuel Scoop
Guardian Lore Spreadsheet

Guardian Codex

Download the entire Guardian Codex in .PDF format :

Guardian Codex


` System Planet Combo Heading
1/28 Synuefe CE-R c21-6 C 1 Thargoid Sensor + Cyclops Tissue Thargoid Log
2/28  Synuefe NL-N C23-4 Thargoid Sensor + Basilisk Tissue Thargoid Log
3/28 Col 173 Sector JX-K B24-0  A 1 Thargoid Sensor + Thargoid Link Thargoid Log
4/28 Col 173 Sector OD-J B25-2  B 1 Thargoid Sensor + Thargoid Probe (Obelisk at -31.6798, -141.3244)” Thargoid Log
5/28  Col 173 sector HN-I B26-5 Thargoid Sensor + Medusa Tissue Civil War
6/28 Col 173 Sector HR-M B23-3  B 7 Casket + Orb Civil War
7/28  COL 173 Sector OD-J B25-2  B 1  Casket + Tablet  
8/28 Col 173 Secotr HN-I B26-5  A 1 Casket + Totem Civil War
9/28 HD 63154  B 3 A Casket +Relic (broken since update) Civil War
10/28 Vela Dark Region KR-W C1-24   Casket +Totem
Casket + Urn
Civil War
11/28 Synuefe EU-Q C21-10 A 3 Orb+Relic Technology
12/28 Synuefe EU-Q C21-10 A 3 Orb+Orb Technology
13/28 HD 63154 B 3 A Orb + Casket (broken since update) Technology
14/28 Vela Dark Region FL-Y d63   Relic+Totem Technology
15/28  Col 173 sector HN-I B26-5 Relic+Casket Technology
16/28 Vela Dark Region FL-Y d63 B 1 Relic + Urn Technology
17/28 Vela Dark Region FL-Y d63  B1 Relic + Tablet Technology
18/28 SYNUEFE SP-F B44-0  C 1 Orb+Totem (broken since update) Technology
19/28 Synuefe NL-N C23-4 B 3 Orb + Casket Technology
20/28 Synuefe ZL-J D10-109   Relic+Orb Technology
21/28 Synuefe NL-N C23-4 Orb + Urn Technology
22/28 SYNUEFE SP-F B44-0  C 1 Orb+Tablet (broken since update) Technology
23/28 SYNUEFE LY-I B42-2  C 2 Orb + Relic Technology
24/28 Vela Dark Region FL-Y d63   Tablet + Totem Language
25/28 Synuefe EU-Q C21-10   Orb + Urn Body Protectorate
26/28 Vela Dark Region KR-W C1-24   Urn + Totem Hidden Ruins
27/28 Col 173 Sector JX-K B24-0 Urn + Tablet Body Protectorate
28/28 Synuefe ZL-J D10-109 E 3 Urn + Casket Body Protectorate

Guardian Codex 8/28

This log reveals more about the sides that fought in the second civil war. In its early stages, the war was fought primarily by soldiers, but within a decade – and after significant loss of life – most of the fighting was conducted remotely. The progressives fought with automated combat machines. These engines of war took various forms, from autonomous drones to vast, lumbering dreadnoughts imbued with limited artificial intelligence. On the other side, the traditionalists relied mostly on biological weapons. They used germ warfare alongside long-range missiles loaded with corrosive enzymes, which could target the enemy’s war machines from a great distance.

Col 173 Secotr HN-I B26-5 A 1 DSSRUINS MAP Casket + Totem

Guardian Codex 10/28

This log concerns the end of the second civil war. Remarkably, it seems the artificial intelligences developed during the conflict became fully self aware at some point, and were horrified by the destruction unfolding around them. It’s difficult to get a sense of exactly what happened next, as the Guardians were not privy to the Constructs’ thoughts. But reading between the lines, I believe the Constructs determined that even if peace was restored the Guardians would never be able to transcend their violent natures. I believe they decided that the only way to preclude further violence – while giving their own burgeoning society the best possible chance of survival – was to destroy what remained of the Guardians’ civilisation. By this time, the Constructs had complete control of the Guardians’ munitions and automated war machines. Their attack, when it came, was swift and merciless. Strategic nuclear and chemical-weapon strikes were executed with a precision that only a machine race could accomplish. The few that survived were able to record what had happened, but they soon succumbed to radiation poisoning. The Guardians were utterly destroyed.

Vela Dark Region KR-W C1-24 DSS, RUINS MAP Casket + Totem,
Casket + Urn

Guardian Codex 11/28

This log describes the Guardians’ weapon technology. It seems they developed electro-magnetic projectile weapons early in their modern period, utilising the same technology they used to launch their first spacecraft. These weapons ionized the path their target before firing focused bolts of energy along the ionized track. they were crude and unpredictable at first, sometimes resulting in the death of the wielder, but once the Guardians learned to regulate the ionisation process they became more stable.

Synuefe EU-Q C21-10 A 3 DSSRUINS MAP Orb+Relic

Guardian Codex 12/28

This data relates to Guardian Shield technology. Of course, i already knew they had developed extremely effective shields, capable of protecting entire cities and even of withstanding orbital bombardment. And i was aware that their shields were effective against both laser weapons and kinetic projectiles. But is remarkable to consider that this technology was developed millions of years ago, relatively early in the Guardian’s evolutionary timeline.

Synuefe EU-Q C21-10 A 3 DSSRUINS MAP Orb+Orb

Guardian Codex 16/28

This log details the construction of the panels found at certain Guardian sites. As I suspected, the panels are made from a unique alloy, manufactured from a metal I have yet to identify. Even more remarkably, the panels appear to incorporate nanobot technology. which activates when in proximity to a foreign body. This explains the faint glow given off by many Guardian materials and structures. This is an extraordinary discovery. Humanity has dabbled with nano technology, but evidently the Guardians’ achievements far surpassed our own.

Vela Dark Region FL-Y d63 B 1 DSS, RUINS MAP  Relic + Urn

Guardian Codex 17/28

This data relates to the objects we have termed “Guardian relics”. These blue crystals are part power source, part computer, part key — and apparently played a central role in Guardian technology. Remarkably, it seems the crystals were grown rather than mined. The log is light on details, but from what I’ve been able to piece together, each crystal was designed to fulfil a specific purpose within the Guardian’s technological network. And, like the panels found at many Guardian sites, the relics incorporate nanobot technology.

Vela Dark Region FL-Y d63 B 1 DSS, RUINS MAP  Relic + Tablet

Guardian Codex 19/28

This log details the Guardians’ faster-than-light technology. It seems their drives produced a far greater jump range than anything humanity has so far developed. Regrettably, however, the data in the log is exceptionally dense, and it could take years if not decades to fully understand it. What is clear is that the Guardians’ hyperspace technology was very different from our own.

Synuefe NL-N C23-4 B 3 DSS, RUINS MAP Orb+Casket

Guardian Codex 20/28

This log elaborates on the nature of Guardian glyphs. As you know, accessing a Guardian codex requires the use of two corresponding Guardian artefacts, with the glyphs on the codex denoting which objects are required. But this log indicates that the Guardians’ written language often incorporated pairs of characters. suggesting that this dual system was present in other aspects of their culture.

Synuefe ZL-J D10-109 E 3 DSS, RUINS MAP Relic+Orb

Guardian Codex 23/28

This log is unusual – it appears to refer to another group of Guardian sites, far from the ones we’ve already discovered. I realise that might sound disappointing, but in fact this find is extremely important. The log suggests these undiscovered sites might contain blueprints not only for Guardian engines, but for Guardian starships! Just think — someday soon, we might uncover a Guardian ruin that will allow us to manufacture ships and fighters incorporating Guardian technology. It makes my skin _prickle just to think of it. And who knows — maybe you’ll be the one to find it.

Synuefe LY-I B42-2 C 2 DSSRUINS MAP Relic+Orb

Guardian Codex 24/28

This fascinating log relates to variations in the Guardians’ gestural language. As we know, the Guardians shared a single A language with only minor regional variations, and even after they colonised other planets they continued to share a common tongue. But, after the start of the second civil war, it seems that each side developed its own distinct version of this gestural language. This allowed each faction to communicate in code, so as to safeguard information from the enemy.

Vela Dark Region FL-Y d63 B 1 DSS, RUINS MAP  Table + Totem

Guardian Codex 25/28

Now, this log gives a fascinating insight into the Guardians’ neural-implant technology. The Guardians used these implants to connect cerebrally with their Al creations. Unfortunately, the technology was still in its infancy when the Guardians were destroyed. Apparently, the implants created a symbiotic link with the Constructs through implantable fibres, which connected the central cortex to a multimodal interface within the Construct. Essentially, the Guardians were able to direct their creations with thought alone – at least until the constructs rebelled.

Synuefe EU-Q C21-10 A 3 DSSRUINS MAP Orb+Urn

Guardian Codex 26/28

Hidden Ruins How extraordinary! This log suggests there are many more Guardian sites out there, waiting to be uncovered. And I mean hundreds…perhaps even thousands. Unfortunately, some of the data in this record has degraded. If there was a map inside this log, it has been lost. Who knows what remarkable knowledge might be hidden in these alien ruins? the more of the Guardians’ extraordinary technology we uncover, the greater the potential impact on our own technology. Locating further Guardian sites could help us take giant steps forward.

Vela Dark Region KR-W C1-24 DSS, RUINS MAP Urn + Totem