Dove Enigma UA Bombed

Looks like some commander or commanders have taken great pleasure in UA bombing the Dove Enigma Mega Ship out in Colonia. The process of UA bombing takes a lot of hard work and dedication in the bubble. Now when you add 20,000 lights years to the mix, you have to hand it to them – that’s dedication!

We can all blaze our trails, but it’s sad to see this happen ahead of this weekends big finale.

The Dove Enigma is a Mega Ship that was added to the game for a very special reason. 100’s of commanders have been enjoying a mass exodus from the bubble to Colonia in aid of a special commander, named DoveEnigma13.


CMDR DoveEnigma13

Brandon Keith, 39, from Tucson, Arizona has been battling tumors for almost 3 years. After getting diagnosed with metastatic melanoma, without a skin primary, he had multiple surgeries and chemo-therapies, none of which managed to kill the cancerous cells for good.

Chances are, he will not celebrate his 40th birthday, together with his five-year-old daughter.

But despite this grim outlook, he expressed his interest in making the trip to Colonia while he still can.


Star-port Disruption

A forum post first alerted us to the UA bombing. More info can be found here & here


All Fixed (15:00 31/01/18)

And all too quickly the Dove Enigma is now fixed. A statement on Galnet confirms it. The Mega Ship is now back in tip top condition ready and waiting for the arrival of the fleet. Kudo’s to all the commanders that delivered tons of Meta Alloys and to all those still en-route.

Your additional Meta Alloys will help to protect the Mega Ship from another attack.

Galnet Post