Shows travel history by parsing Elite Dangerous nelog. (Star names with blue color are unmapped without position).
You can add distances between the stars to get a travel log with distances
You can add a note to a stare to remember something special.
It has a 3d star map. Shows stars with coordinates from EDSC / EDStar Map
Integration with Shows extra information about systems from eddb.
Build in trilateration routine to get coordinates for unknow stars. Send data to EDSM and EDSC.
Autoconvert ED screenshots to png or jpeg and renames them to Systemname with time.
Support for plotting route over 2D maps from Cmdr Corbin Moran

Its opensource so you can join the development if you want.

Source code:
Discord chat:

EDDiscovery for Mac:…ag/Release-1.0

Main Developer

Cmdr Finwen

Additional developers

Marlon Blake
Corbin Moran
Cruento Mucrone