Guardian Sentinel

The Guardian sites have had a major update in there appearance. There are now Guardian Structures which contain new Guardian tech and something called a Guardian Sentinel. The engineer Ram Tah first alerted the galactic community HERE to these new ‘Guardian Tech’ by way of a Galnet message. This was followed up by the latest Commander Chronicles The Deal video posted on YouTube.

Ram Tah Galnet Post :

Ram Tah Searching for New Guardian Sites

27 FEB 3304

The engineer Ram Tah, a leading expert on the mysterious Guardians, has requested help in locating undiscovered sites from the ancient alien race. He has issued the following statement:

“The artefacts recently delivered to me have been subjected to intense molecular analysis. As a result, I have deduced the possibility of Guardian sites in three specific systems: ”

Col 173 Sector QU-O d6-25
HD 63154
Synuefe EU-Q c21-10

“I urge the galactic community to investigate these systems, where I believe we may find further traces of the Guardians’ ancient civilisation. I appreciate that this could be a wild goose chase, but data from such sites – if they exist – would be extremely valuable.”

Ram Tah has asked that any data be delivered to him at Phoenix Base in the Meene system.

Commander Chronicles The Deal

Below is the video of Ram Tah chatting to one of his buddies, asking them to go and search the Guardian bases for something. This turned out to be a Guardian Sentinel. Once you destroy a sentinel you can pickup the pieces to make new weapons. Keep reading to see the types of things you can make with this new technology.


Guardian Technology Upgrades

After a brief visit to the new Technology broker, I noticed some new recipes. In particular recipes that require Guardian Sentinel parts. As you can see below, you need to destroy quite a few Sentinels in order to acquire the upgrades.

Tech Brokers – Guardians:

Guardian Power Plant

Consumes fuel to power your modules and generates more power than human generators. The module is very heavy and also generates more heat.

Modules x4 | Guardian Structure
Power Conduit x36 | Guardian Structure
Pattern Epsilon Obelisk x42 | Ancient Site’s Data
Heat Resistant Ceramics x30 | Use the materials trader.
Energy Grid x10 |  Found in this system BD-15 447

Guardian Plasma

Hold fire button to increase damage. Maximum damage 70.

Guardian Weapons x8 | Guardian Structure
Guardian Power Conduit x38 | Guardian Structure
Guardian Sentinel Weapon x34 | Guardian Structure
Chromium x28
Micro-weave Cooling Hoses x12

Guardian Gauss Cannon

A precise shot causing heavy damage to targets. Major penetration, a kind of human Rail Gun more powerful but consuming much more energy. The weapon must be loaded before being fired. 85 damage when loaded to the maximum.

Guardian Weapons x4 | Guardian Structure
Guardian Power Cell x36 | Guardian Structure
Guardian Technology x42 | Guardian Structure
Manganese x30 | Materials to farm
Magnet Emitter Coil x10 | Haritana – Lorrah Station (Medium pad)


Materials Traders:

Raw (elements) Materials Trader – Found at extraction and refinery economie.
Manufactured Materials Trader – Found at industrial economies.
Encoded (data) Materials Trader – Found at High Tech and Military economies.

Guardian Sentinel

These drones are the protectors of the Guardian Structures. If you tamper with the structures, these little drones will attack your mother ship and SRV. They are quite powerful. They have shock missiles and shard cannons. If you apply all pips to shields, you should be able to quite easily shoot them down.

Once destroyed, check the ground for useful engineering components.

Ancient Guardian Orb

These new Guardian Structures house an ORB with ancient guardian data. You need to active the machine by destroying orbs around the machine that rise up out of the ground. Once you do this the machine seems to overload and then an orb will rise up out of the ground which you can scan with your SRV.

The Guardian site will appear on your contacts panel once in the system. This one is 142KL’s from the main star.

Guardian Data Obelisk

There are data obelisks around these new structures that seem to give you new data. However, I didn’t complete the Ram-Tah data gathering missions, so this might not be the case. Anyhow, I scanned a bunch of them and got some new data.

Activate The Machine

Once you have activated all the orbs around the structure – the sound and light show is superb by the way – you will be attacked by multiple Guardian Sentinels. Get rid of them and collect the Guardian parts then head up to the Guardian machine and drop an Ancient Relic onto the ground in front of the machine.

This will activate the machine and the ORB will rise up out of the ground for you to scan.

Locate The Guardians

You can filter the galaxy map by civilization > guardians to show you where Guardians are located. Head over to the system and fly within 1000 Ls of any planet. Don’t forget your advanced discovery scanner and detailed surface scanner.


Galaxy Map Filter Civilization Guardians

Ancient Obelisks

We know these ancient obelisks give us data about The Guardians, but now they seem to be dishing out new data.

  • Guardian Weapon Blueprints
  • Guardian Vessel Blueprints
  • Guardian Module Blueprints

These new Guardian Structures and interactions are absolutely awesome. The sound design and graphics are superb. My heart was thumping in my chest with excitement. This has re-ignited my passion for exploration.

I wonder what else is out there . . .