These are the manuals for the FULL PROFILE – some of these command won’t work with SINGULARITY


Voice control [off;on]; [go to sleep;wake up]



Launch. This will start the launch sequence and the docking clamps will release.

Departure handover. After the launch sequence, your docking clamps are released. You can then execute this command. This will then raise the ship to 30 metres and retract the landing gear.

PLEASE NOTE! If you are docked, this command will combine the launch as well – In other words, “Departure handover” will launch the ship and raise it from the pad.

Retract landing gear. This will raise the ship’s landing modules.

Deploy landing gear. This will deploy the ship’s landing modules.

Request docking. If you are close enough to contact the station or landing zone (7.5KM), a request to dock will execute, the authority will then confirm permission to dock with a landing pad allocation.

Refuel and repair. Opens station’s services, replenishes fuel, ammo and repairs Open / Close StarPort services. Opens station’s services menu.



[disable;enable;show;hide;toggle] FPS
[disable;enable;show;hide;toggle] [hud;heads up display]
[disable;enable;show;hide;toggle] Network [stats;]
Paste clipboard; Control V
Mark; Engage; Now; punch it; Execute
[disable;enable;show;hide;toggle;] Orbit lines
[explore;explorer;exploration] mode [on;off]
[keyboard;typing] [mode;] [off;on]; [disable;enable] [typing;keyboard] [mode;]; [disable;enable] [shortcuts;hotkeys]
Change [the;] GUI to [10..100] %
[disable;enable;toggle;] Dark mode
Reset all systems; Run diagnostics; Check all systems; All systems check; Full diagnostic scan; Initiate diagnostic scan; Prepare all on board systems; Reset Panels; System checks; Check systems; System scan; Check onboard flight systems; Software debugging; Run software debugging



boost engines
maximum impulse
minimum impulse
1/4 impulse
1/2 impulsee
3/4 impulse
stop engines
XX percent – 10 25 50 75 100%+
clear the mass lock


head lights (turns them on off)



zoom in max
zoom out max
increase,decrease sensor range



[Assign] number one, operations,science officer,helm control,tactical, [to verbose mode,non-versbose mode]

Rolecall; Who am i flying with [today;]
Crew rotation [mode;] [on;off]
[assign;] Someone random to [number1;operations;helm control;engineering;tactical;science]

[assign;give] [me;] A new crew; I’m fed up with you [all;lot]

Whenever you’re ready; Yes in [just a moment;a few moments]; In a moment [please;]; A few seconds more [and yes;] [please;]

[assign;] [the crew;everyone;number1;operations;helm control;tactical;science;engineering;srv;] [to;] [verbose;non verbose;mature] [mode;]

crewman you’re with me – astra …

crewman alix, orion, verity, vega, eden, astra.

crew command roster

crewman eden science
crewman orion – you’re my number one

that is all

Crew rotation [mode;] [on;off]



Deploy the SRV when we land

Deploy the SRV; Deploy SRV; Deploy the buggy; Deploy buggy

Dismiss the ship; Take the ship into orbit; Leave the L Z; Take off and stand by; Take care of the ship

Surface recovery and launch now; Extraction and launch please; Extraction and launch immediately; Emergency extraction and launch

Recall the ship; Come and get me; Im at the L Z

[prep;prepare] For [immediate;] dust off

[SRV recovery;recover SRV;recover the SRV;bring me aboard;open the pod bay doors;park the buggy;Board ship;Board the ship;Retrieve SRV;Retrieve the SRV;Retrieve buggy;Retrieve the buggy] [on my mark;]

Launch to orbit; Surface departure; Go for launch

Apply handbrake / Release handbrake
Deploy Turret / Retract turret
prep for orbit / cancel prep for orbit

Singularity Manual

Welcome to the Singularity beta. The beta will run for some time, at least a few weeks. During that time please submit all bugs to the following link.


What is the Singularity? Please watch this video first, it’ll show you how it works to some extent ;). https://youtu.be/IAvW4GlgMJs

The Singularity beta is a test profile. Just one file that you can use to run all of the voicepacks. Whether you have one voice pack or more, the Singularity profile will run them all, and, eventually, we hope soon, it’ll be all that is required, and will replace the existing profiles.


Import the “Singularity beta.vap file” from the profile directory (Singularity profile) from any of the voice packs currently supported. Astra, Alix, Eden, Eli, Cleo, Dark, Jazz, Kate, Leo, Midnight, Minus, Obsidian, Orion, Phoenix, Vasco, Vega, Verity.
NOTE – Make sure you have the latest version of VoiceAttack, HCS Plugins, and of course, your voice packs. Train your speech recognition too!


Singularity – The roles of the voice pack characters.

The roles aren’t set in stone, and we’re really looking to see how players react to what we’ve decided in terms of who answers to what command. It may be that some of these current roles are eventually combined, time will tell, and of course, we’ll be relying on feedback from you to help us decide on that. But for the time being there are 6 roles that a voice pack can cover.

1. First officer.

Essentially, your “Number one”. This role will take care of important tasks like navigation – The galaxy and system maps, the panels and one or two other duties

2. Engineering.

Power management, the jump drives, cargo scoop, landing modules and SRV deployment.

3. Helm control.

Thrusters & drives velocity.

4. Tactical.

Sensors radar, targeting, weapons, wing targeting and away missions (SRV Ai)

5. Operations.

General operation of the Ai – Voice control on/off, centring HMD and various other duties TBA

6. Science officer.

Targeting (if weapons are deployed, this will default to tactical). Other tasks for science have not yet been implemented, however, it will be limited to those packs that have educational material, or, stars and planets and other features like the Nebula Tour.

The profile will auto detect which voice packs are installed to your voiceattack/sounds folder. It’s then up to you to simply choose your crew.

“Crew command roster” & “That is all” commands

The spoken command “Crew command roster” will play a bosun’s whistle as soon as it’s heard you give the command, then wait for you to address the crew one at a time and allocate them a station.

To address the crew, just precede their name with “Crewman”, e.g. If it’s Vega, you would simply say “Crewman [Vega]”. Each of them will respond to you, and when they have, you simply allocate them one of the following stations:

First officer/Number one – Engineering – Helm control – Tactical – Operations – Science officer / science.

Note! During the command, you may use terms like “You’re on xxxxxxxxxx”. You can just use the exact term of the role itself. A full example of this can be seen in the video or from the script in the readme file for singularity beta;

Player – Crew command Roster [This will activate the rostering command]
Response – Bosun’s whistle sound
Player – Crewman Orion
Orion – Yes commander?
Player – You’re my number one/First officer
Orion – Acknowledged
Player – Crewman Vega
Vega – Yes?
Player – Helm control/ you’re on helm control
Vega – Thank you sir
Player – Crewman Alix
Alix – Commander?
Player – You’re on engineering
Alix – Yes commander.
Player – Crewman Eli
Eli – I’m here
Player – You’re on tactical
Eli – Understood
Player – Eden
Eden – Yes commander
Player – Science officer
Eden – Acknowledged
Player – That is all [Ends rostering command] Your “Number one” will confirm


There are some additional commands to try. There is now a verbose and non-verbose method of using the packs. This means you can have the entire crew answer in short and concise ways rather than some of the more long winded responses. For the moment this is a global command.

To try this, use the following commands.

“Assign the crew to verbose mode”
“Assign the crew to non-verbose mode”

You can also use this mode to change the role for the verbose and non-verbose feature.

Example “Assign engineering to verbose mode”

“Assign [role] to verbose mode”
“Assign [role] to non-verbose mode”
“Assign a new crew” – Will randomly generate a new crew for you.