The lost ship was a Cobra. Just like the Cobra flown by the pilot with call sign LUC, that stole a full load of Meta Alloys.

Many have speculated that LUC is Luko from reclamation. If so, it is likely that he still works with Salome/Kahina and has access to the Meta Drive documents stolen by Raan Corsen.

Raan Corsen also has links to Bill Turner in Alioth.

Bill Turner is of course most likely part of the family that controlls Turner industries and has close ties with Ed Mahoon and the sneaky Alliance leadership.

Distress Call

A distress call has come in over the wire, from Col 70

Galnet Article

What we know

Tionisla (Graveyard of elite pilots)
Ishtar (Inanna / Seven Veils)
Ereshkigal (Babylonian equivalent of Persephone)
Prism (Home planet of Salome)
Sol (Drew said we should ensure we have our permits for here)
Daibo (where Salome’s prison convoy was destroyed)
HR 6421 (children of raxxla home system)
Sirius (evil corporate people?)
Reorte (line to Rift, and origin of Dynasty expedition?)
Riedquat (line to Rift, and origin of Dynasty expedition?)
Maia (Heart of the Pleidies mystery (Unknown Artifact/Unknown Probes)
Cemiess (Where assassination attempt on Patrues was made)
Zearla, Tiliala, Ega (all with Wreaken Construction links)
Achenar (Hotbed of Empire politics)
Alioth (Guy who stole data from Sirius crashed here. Also Alliance capital)
Shinrarta Dezhra (Home of Dark Wheel and Pilots Federation)
Chi Orionis (Metadrive base, also EDF home)
Peregrina (permit locked system from the “old lore” – Out of Darkness novel)

Anything relating to “The Pheonix Group”, “Emporor’s Dawn”, “Children of Raxxla” and “The Dark Wheel”

Any mention of Kahina Tijani Loren, Salome, Admiral Denton Patreus, Cuthrick Delaney, Luko, Elyssia Fields

Hawkin’s Gap, the Conflux and the Formidine Rift (obviously!)

YouTube Series

This is a brilliant YouTube series documenting the Formadine Rift