We have found the origin of the Thargoid super weapon. The location of this top secret biological weapons research facility is Alnath planet A 2 A A (4.018, 133.54).

History Will Decide

According to the audio logs recovered from the base, Klatt Enterprises was responsible for weapons testing the Mycoid on live Thargoid subjects. We are not told the name of the man in charge of Klatt Enterprises, but I suspect that the Thargoids would love to have a chat with him. I wonder if that is who / what the Thargoids are searching for.

There are 4 massive super containers with I presume Mycoid inside them. The ground has the tell tail signs of the Mycoid and the containers are stained with the orange looking deadly virus. The trail seems to end here. There is a clue about HIP 59382 1 B – but this is Mayes Chemical Plant which we know produced mass quantities of the Mycoid.