Krollin’s Crater

This page is dedicated to the one and only CMDR Krollin who spectacularly crashed his ASP Explorer into the surface of the Distant Worlds Expedition, Base Camp 5 – Drakes Ridge.

CMDR Krollin was ‘trying’ to perform a fly bye in his ASP Explorer when things went horribly wrong. Not only did he have precious exploration data on-board that would be permanently lost, but he also managed to damage another CMDR’s ship in the process. It was right after the first ever SRV race had taken place on the Distant Worlds Expedition. We were all celebrating the race finish, when we heard over comms that a CMDR had just destroyed his ship.

In the bubble if you destroy your ship, you simply hit the rebuy button. But out on Distant Worlds, there were no star-ports nearby, plus the irreplaceable exploration data on-board meant for a very sorry affair if things went wrong. The risks were very high and very real. But that didn’t deter our intrepid wine drinking mad man ‘Krollin’ he simply ignored all the warnings and threw caution to the wind. In spectacular Krollin fashion the outcome was legendary.

This page will forever be a testament to the shear stupidity of the old fool …

But dam did you make us all laugh mate – G:G !

Base Camp 5, Drakes RidgeNGC 6357 Sector DL-Y e22Planet : 2Coords : 47.77 / -95.71

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