Another mega ship has been attacked by Thargoids. This time it is out in the Pleiades Sector OI-T. The Science Vessel has been destroyed. It’s cargo is spilling out into the vacumn of space.

I arrived at the site and was greated by a Thargoid. It wasn’t hostile towards me, but instead scanning the wreckage. I followed the Thargoid, at a safe distance, and watched it as it scanned the ship wreck. It seemed to be looking for something.

The ships communications log eludes to the fact that the Thargoid was scanning the ship, as if it were looking for something.

Pleiades Sector OI-T c3-7Orbiting Planet B 8


It’s scanning our cargo hold sir, like it’s looking for something.

What did we pick up on the last stop?

Ammonia World

The science vessel was orbiting a Terrestrial ammonia world with active carbon-ammonia-based life. I wonder when / if we will be able to land on these planets.

Imagine meeting the Thargoids for the first time on planets like these!