Luca Rekivek

A few weeks ago a lost persons message was entered into the MAIA Herrald. The wife of Luca Rekivek pleaded with the locals to see if anyone had seen her husband. He had messaged his wife, saying, that he’d found something amazing out in the black. He was about to lay claim, to the sighting, when …

The Stargazer

This is what’s left of Luca Rekivek’s ship. It seems his ship was attacked and it crashed into the surface of HIP 16378. There are two data logs strewn across the site …


The trail of breadcrumbs from the MAIA Herrald plea for help from wife Mrs Rekivek lead us to these systems :

  1. MAIA Herrald, Wife’s Plea for help points to HIP 16378
  2. In HIP 16378 we find a listening post
  3. Said Listening post points to Planet 3B
  4. Survey Vessell, Stargazer Located at HIP 16378 3B 37.06 -147.81
  5. The message fragments speak of something in HIP 17694 …

Data Logs

The two data logs that were found at the site, talk of a mysterious sounding claim that Luca was about to make. Below are the recordings from Luca himself :

Message Fragment 1-2

Message Fragment 2-2

The Claim

The final piece of the puzzle leads us to HIP 17694 B 7 F coordinates 17.9523 // -96.7690. It is an Unknown Structure of Thargoid origin.

Luca lost his life trying to make claim to this site, I think we should call it ‘Luca’s Rest

Luca's Rest