What is a Material Trader?

This is something new coming in Q1 chapter one. A Material Trader can take materials and exchange them for other types / grade of materials. Say you need 1 grade 5 item but only have grade 3 items. You can exchange a number of the G3 items to acquire a G5 item.


You have to discover these new material traders. At present they’re not listed on EDDB.IO or INRA.CZ – although I am sure that will quickly change once the BETA ends and we get the live build. Once you have DISCOVERED them, they will appear on your SYSTEM map under the stations info.

First click on what you WANT  >>  then click on what you want to trade.


Ok, this is becoming more clear. I think I have a handle on it now. When you visit a system with a trader, land at all the stations and outposts and search under the CONTACTS tab in the system services.

  • High population hi tech refinery usually can have a data material broker
  • High population refinery/extraction can have a raw material broker
  • High population industrial can have a manufactured material broker


There are three types of material traders: Raw, Encoded, and Manufactured.