So I got a tip off about this listening post about 350 Ly’s from Sol. I was nearby so I decided to go and check it out. After locating all 3 listening posts, they revealed something strange :

…………we’ ve found it….. A 1
-23.8994, -95.1066

I couldn’t resist it, I had to find this thing . . .

System : Col 359 Sector RN-S c4-12Planet : A 1Coords : -23.8994, -95.1066

YouTube Video

Listening Posts

Bugged ?

I’m not sure if this is bugged or not. I could only scan two data up-link’s. On checking the Forum’s, it seems others have experienced the same issue.

Check out this forum bug report :

Frontier Bug Report Page


Personal Log:

We weren’t looking for this. But no we’ve found it I don’ t think i can hide it.

We came out into the far reaches of space looking for new chemicals and materials for medical reseach. We hoped to find new cures, but this…this is not a cure.


Personal Log:

Things got a little heated I’ll admit, but Deresta has to see reason.

We can’t give this compound to anyone. We have to destroy our samples and notes.

He wanted to hand it off to the military or worse open it up to private corporations.

There is no telling what kind of damage that would cause.

l can’t allow it, I’m going to destory all evidence. Bury our discovery.