It transpires that this abandoned settlement was used to perform experiments on humans, which turned them into hyper aggressive killing machines. Obviously the military implications and black market were a threat. The brave souls who ran this facility, took the decision to wipe out the bio weapon and destroy all traces of it.

The location of this abandoned settlement is revealed by three nearby listening posts. There are Engineer Materials scattered around the settlement on the ground. Next to the entrance is a Data Point, which can be scanned for an Intel Package, and Engineer Data.

Col 285 Sector FL-X b17-3Body : A 2 aCoords : -59.3604, -142.5855

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Listening Posts


When we first ran tests on the compound we thought it could be used as a mood inhibitor to help tackle anxiety and other mental afflictions. Early results were very promising. But we were so wrong.


Some of the test subjects had a very different reaction to the treatment. It seemed to heighten their aggressive tendencies, some manifesting this in self harm or vocal outbursts. But in a small percentages it turned them into monsters, capable of the most horrific violence.


When the company found out they marketed it as a success, selling the research to the military. Under military control we were forced to keep working on this new programme. To create a serum that could be given to soldiers and other military personnel to make them into better killing machines.

Those of us that refused were “reassigned” as our new masters put it. We knew what that meant. Gods help me I wasn’t strong enough to be one of them.


I can’t go on with this mockery of science. I wanted to help people, not turn human beings into rabid killing machines.

This is my confession and a warning to others. The military will stop at nothing to get an edge over their enemies. Even if that means destroying thousands of lives in the process.

Tonight I released the test subjects into the settlement. I’m not asking for forgiveness. I knew what that would mean. Everyone… dead… or worse. I can hear them hunting for me, but it’s too late. It’s all coming down.

I can’t afford to let anything from this place get out into the hands of any power. I’ve destroyed all the data I can find and my final act will be to vent the settlement, open it up to space. That should kill everyone one left alive in here. This cannot get out. This cannot get out.