It’s been a while since I put on my space boots. I got word that there was a new large barnacle site located out in the  Pleiades Sector PN-T B3-0 on planet A5 at coordinates -4.4946 / 145.6557. I headed out there to take a look.

There are no scavengers at this site. The green goo and meta alloys are all present though. There are rumours that the Thargoid Resin is being transferred between barnacle sites. But as yet there is nothing in-game telling us what’s going on.

The whole site is covered in green mist and looks really impressive flying in from a distance. I spent quite a bit of time just mooching about here. Whilst I was there a Thargoid dropped in to say hi. The usual process unfolded. Still love that entrance.

The large barnacle is the same design as the last one.

The Other Barnacle Forest