An exploration vessel, The Odysseus, has crash landed on ALSHAT A 6 B. Marooned on the planet, the commanders jerry rig an SRV to go setup a distress beacon.

With the SRV’s power fading, supplies running low and very little chance of being rescued, one male pilot decides to take the easy way out, Oldham opens his visor. The female pilot finds her companion deceased, what should she do now ?

This all stemmed from this generation ship :

The Odysseus Mega Ship

SRV- ODYSSEUS : 28.19 / -29.99

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ODYSSEUS 24.24 / -29.01

Daytime Video

CLARK’S REST 26.8373 / -29.0200

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Alshat A 6 b 24.249384 / -29.017185


I can’t believe we survived the crash just to waste away out here. At least the SRV is operational.

We’ve set the transponder so someone should find the wreck, but we can’t wait. We’re going to try something.

With a little luck we’ll find a settlement or relay station.


It feels good to be moving again.

Not the most comfortable ride we’ve ever had, but Oldham and Clark have managed to modify the SRV cargo compartment into a cabin using part from the ship.

It kind of reminds me of camping trips with my grandfather.

We also managed to boost the comms output, so with a little luck a passing ship might pick up our mayday. We could use a little luck after all that’s happened.


Alshat A 6 b 28.1916 / -29.99


I must have fallen asleep, I didn’t mean to, but I’m exhausted.

Oldham has gone, he left a message saying he felt like stepping outside for a while.

He’s been gone hours and by the looks of it he didn’t take any of the food or water with him. What could have possessed him to do this.

I’m going to follow his tracks and with any luck I’ll find him alive. I don’t want to be alone out here.

I found Oldham. He was just sitting there as if he was in a park back home. Then I saw his visor was open. Oh god what am I going to do.


The air is reaching toxic levels. My only chance is the escape pod we recovered from the ship. And to think I laughed at Oldham for strapping that thing to the roof. Now it could be my final resting place.

Clark and Oldham are gone, the SRV is dying on me, I don’t have any food or water.

I have nothing left but hope.

The location of the first three messages is unknown.

There are Engineer Materials scattered around the ground, along with an Occupied Escape Pod and a canister of H.E. Suits.


Alshat A 6 b 26.8373 / -29.0200

Nothing Left But Hope 3 / 5

Clark is dead.

Must have had some internal injuries from the crash that he didn’t tell us about.

Oldham and I buried him on a peak nearby with a nice view, I think he would have appreciated that. He always liked to capture images of the planets we explored.

Out supplies are running low, but I still have hope that our distress calls will be picked up.

The SRV was never meant to support more than one person. We’ve jury rigged what we can to make the oxygen filters last longer, but I think we have to face facts.

This has to work, it has to.