Orion’s Folly is located in COL 285 SECTOR UZ-O C6-9 on planet B6 at -87.04, -10.52. The data logs on this base refer to a generation ship that has strayed off course. Now I don’t know much about ‘The Rift’ or the Colonists in the generation ships. But I do know they are lost, waiting to be found.

“Missed Target”

This base is interesting because it tells us they have been knocked off course by a few light years. But what it doesn’t tell us is how many of them are there and which direction they were heading.

So in essence, we still have no bloody clue where they are.

YouTube Video

Listening Posts

This base was located using the hive mind of Canonn Research. Once again, the search started with hidden messages in listening posts.

COL 258 Sector GI-H B 11-6
Signal range 38-40ly
longitude -10.590234

Signal range 38-40ly
latitude -87.05145

Pegasi Sector TT-X A2-2
Signal range 29-31ly
planet b6

Data Logs