Orthrus Intercepter

Collating data on the Orthrus intercepter variant. At the moment most sightings have been inside NHSS’s level 4 and the Maelstrom itself.  It looks like Thargoid Probes are being scanned by the Orthrus and Thargoid Probes have been found destroyed in the Maelstroms.

I wonder why the Orthrus is destroying Thargoid Probes?

Orthrus Intercepter Variant

Here is a high resolution shot of the Orthrus. IT behaves very differently to any other Thargoid. Rumours are rife that it might be a human piloted Thargoid vessel. It doesn’t attack, it seems to try to jump out of the system as soon as it see’s a human vessel.

The first killing of an Orthrus

Commanders have already destroyed an Orthrus and it turns out that it pays 50m credits for doing so.

Friendly Encounter with an Orthrus

This commander didn’t attack but instead observed the Orthrus scanning a probe.

Here's another recorded enounter

This commander didn’t attack either.

Orthrus Tissue Sample

Here is a tissue sample being collected from an Orthrus. Commander GoidByte doing a great job showing us how it’s done.

Still collating data

Data is coming in thick and fast about this new Thargoid variant. 1000’s of commanders are all actively seeking answers.