Tip Off

“For isokix,

Poor souls, heading out into the void looking for new worlds and all that. Looks like they didn’t get that far. Can you scan the site for us? We’ll see you’re rewarded.

You need to land on Pardal 2 c in the Pardal system. The location is at: Lat: 7.05, Lon: -3.64.
We’ve put an encryption key into your systems to help access the core.

Make sure you’re prepared for a bit of opposition, Commander. Might get interesting, real quick.

Good luck on your quest, Commander.”

Ship Message

Mayday! This is exploration team NANJ-XIIMC. Systems shutting down. Planetary impact imminent. All 6 crew ejected. Transponders in place so hopefully someone will pick us up. Mayday!


System : PARDALPlanet : 2 CCoords : 7.05 / -3.64