What is Fortification?

Well, each week we have to fortify our control systems against Imperial and Alliance forces. If they undermine our systems without us fortifying them we will lose a lot of Command Capital, preventing us from expanding and potentially putting us in turmoil. However, as long as we fortify a system to 100% it doesn’t matter what our opponents do – that system is safe from Turmoil (more on Turmoil later). It costs us ‘default upkeep’ if they undermine it and it costs us nothing if they don’t.

How to Fortify

You fortify systems by bringing fortify contracts to the target control system. Depending on your rank you get free Garrison Supplies every half hour (10/15/20/25/50) under the Contacts > Power Contacts menu in Star-port Services. You can Fast track your resupply by paying a lump sum amount at a rate of 10,000 credits per ton. This can get expensive but it’s better than waiting around for ages at times.

Where to Fortify

Each weak you need to fortify the systems that are most profitable to your chosen power. Check the powerplay screen to learn your systems. The systems that pay the most Command Capital points are the ones that are important.

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