Boom Stateunidentified signal sourceHigh Grade Emissions450Ls from main starIn Deep Space

Deep Space

Shipping Lanes

General Location (stellar bodies)

Encoded EmissionsWeapons FireSeeking Weapons / Medicines (Outbreak)
Degraded EmissionsCeremonial CommsDebris Field
Anomaly SignalsConvoy DispersalTourist Beacon
High Grade EmissionsHigh Grade EmissionsCapital Ship
Distress CallsCombat AftermathCombat Aftermath
????Distribution Centre
????Civilian / Military Installation

Travel between 250 Ls – 400 Ls from the main star in Deep Space

Aligned faction seems to play a role in what items / materials will spawn inside the Emissions. One 1 / 10 faction that’s in a state of Outbreak seems to give worse “drop rate” compared to if 10 / 10 factions are in the relevant state.

Cruising at high velocity, 30km/s is too slow