Boom Stateunidentified signal sourceHigh Grade Emissions450Ls from main starIn Deep Space

Deep Space

Shipping Lanes

General Location (stellar bodies)

Encoded Emissions Weapons Fire Seeking Weapons / Medicines (Outbreak)
Degraded Emissions Ceremonial Comms Debris Field
Anomaly Signals Convoy Dispersal Tourist Beacon
High Grade Emissions High Grade Emissions Capital Ship
Distress Calls Combat Aftermath Combat Aftermath
?? ?? Distribution Centre
?? ?? Civilian / Military Installation

Travel between 250 Ls – 400 Ls from the main star in Deep Space

Aligned faction seems to play a role in what items / materials will spawn inside the Emissions. One 1 / 10 faction that’s in a state of Outbreak seems to give worse “drop rate” compared to if 10 / 10 factions are in the relevant state.

Cruising at high velocity, 30km/s is too slow