100m Credits from Ram Tah

The engineer Ram Tah, in the Meene System has been busy decoding the Alien Ruins for a while now. But onlu just recently has he discovered something with the Alien Ruins that may help us uncover some of the mysteries surrounding them.

As of today, you can visit the Meene system, dock at Felice Dock and pickup a mission from Ram Tah which is worth 100m credits!

What to do?

Simply get head over to Meene system pickup the mission from Felice Dock then head over to the Aliens Ruins site :

Synuefe xr-h d11-102
Planet 1 B
-31.7877  -128.9711

Scoop one or two of the ancient artefacts with your SRV (some Obelisks will work with one, some with two…), then get close to the Obelisks until you hear some kind of “song”: it means the Obelisk is the right one. Use the scanner Ram Tah equipped you with, to get the Data.

It seems:
Orb – Technological Data (Epsilon)
Casket – Historical Data (Gamma)
Tablet – Language Data (Delta)
Urn – Biological Data (Alpha)
Totem – Cultural Data (Beta)

Alien Ruins Map

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Canonn Spreadsheet

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