The Thargoids have attacked star ports in the Pleiades Sector. Hundreds of humans have been killed and many are floating in space drifting in escape pods. Please stop what you are doing and head over to the Taygeta system. Load up with collector limpets, heat sinks and make some room in your cargo hold. Report to station services who will direct you further!

Systems :

Liman Legacy – HIP 16753
The Oracle – Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55
Taygeta – Titan’s Daughter


The Galnet article below alerted us to the attack this morning. The first thing I noticed when entering the system Taygeta is that I hadn’t scanned the system. All the planets were unexplored. Then I noticed the new diamond shape icon denoting the station under attack. Titan’s Daughter had a diamond shaped icon plus the rescue ship on my nav panel right next to Titan’s Daughter.

The Oracle - Under Attack !


A new type of Thargoid has been spotted in the Taygeta system. It can be found in NHSS THREAT 7 signal sources. It has a 96 strong Thargon swarm and is has spikes which could be some kind of armour. They seem to be non hostile unless provoked. CMDR PLATER and his band of merry men triggered an angry response earlier today. It seems they may have ” accidentally ” shot at at it.

Things to note :

  • Looks totally different
  • Medussa Interceptor
  • 96 Strong Thargon Swarm

Stations Effected

The three stations that have been attacked are Titan’s Daughter, Liman Legacy and The Oracle. You can enter the station once docking permission has been granted. On entering the station watch your heat levels. Your ship will overheat very quickly and be destroyed. It is advised that your stock up on heat sink collector limpets and cargo racks.

  • Titan’s Daughter
  • Liman Legacy
  • The Oracle

There are numerous escape pods, encrypted data packets and wreckage floating around inside. Do what you can to rescue as many escape pods as possible. There is a rescue mega ship near each station. Collect the escape pods and deliver them to the mega ship.

How can you help

Grab any ship any size, add a collector limpet to your ship, stock up on some heat sinks and install a cargo rack. Then head over to Taygeta system and look for Titan’s Daughter on your navigation panel.

  • Request docking
  • Fly in turn around face exit
  • Deploy cargo scoop
  • Deploy collector limpets
  • Keep an eye on your temperature gauge
  • Deploy heat sink when necassary
  • Collect escape pods
  • Deliver the escape pods to the near by RESCUE SHIP