This ‘Research Facility’ is located in HIP 5991. Again it’s deserted and has 4 data log points scattered around the base. There are claw marks on the buildings at this base, similar to the last one. I wonder what is attacking these base, human or non human? Or it may just be pirates scavenging the bases. I’m not sure if these bases are part of a bigger story or will lead us to something. I wish there was some kind of life here. Something that would begin to unfold a narrative of some kind.

“Hidden Signal”

Data Log Entries :
“It’s definitely not a natural signal or background noise …” All tests completed, it’s not natural or human in origin!

I wonder signal they were talking about. I will search the system for any unregistered comm’s beacons . . .

YouTube Video

Data Logs


HIP 5991 1 B33.4690, -2.1806