Tip Off

“Hello ,

They were shot down a few months back but we’ve only just found the crash site. Some credits to be made if you can scan it for us.

You will find the site in the Scorpii Sector OS-U b2-10 system, on Scorpii Sector OS-U b2-10 C 3. These co-ordinates will get you there: Lat: 15.67, Lon: -62.24. We’ve take the liberty of uploading an encryption key for the core to your systems.

Hope it all goes to plan, Commander.”

Ship Message

“Mayday! This is privateer vessel KB-61020. I’m going down.
The lead was a trap, they were waiting for me. Too many to fight off.
I don’t suppose I’ll make it out of this.

The bounty data is secure in the ships data core. It should survive the crash. If found, pass it on to my family as compensation.”


Scorpii Sector OS-U B2-10Planet : C 3Coords : 15.67 / -62.24