Tip Off

“Hello Commander,

Looks like they had to dump and run in a hurry. Anyway, there’s some kind of debris out there, can you scan it for us? Credits are waiting.

You’ll find the site at: Lat: -21.30, Lon: -162.98, on the surface of Sietae B 2 a in the Sietae system. I thought you might like to also have the encryption key for the data core, so I’ve uploaded it to your ships systems.

Good hunting, Commander.”

Ship Message

“Commanders Log:

I think I’m finally losing it or maybe its just all the explosions and laser fire from the crash burnt into my eyes. But could swear those lights were real.

I don’t think they’re hostile, but there does seem to be some kind of intelligence to their movements.”


System : SIETAEPlanet : B 2 ACoords : -21.3 / -162.98