An industrial site out in the Wregoe JI-B D13-130 system has been found. It transpires that a group of men decided that they were going to take over the site and not answer to there captives anymore. Images of Mel Gibson in Braveheart “They’ll never take out freeeeedooooooom !!” spring to mind.

WREGOE JI-B D13-130PLANET 165.8395 / 176.9476


Encrypted data log:

Huke, Stuart are you getting this? It’s on.

We go once the guards switch after lights out. They’ll never see it coming.

Thorn has the weapons stashed in the access conduits in Hab 2. We’ll make these scumbags pay for everything they’ve done to us.

Tonight we become free men my friends.


Communication Log

We run this place now! You hear us ou there? We run this place!

We will no longer be your slave labour. We will no longer be treated like animals, breaking our backs to make your fortunes.

We are free and will never be enslaved again.


Coporate Memo:

Situation unacceptable.

Neutrilisation of Site 426 authorised.

Leave no trace of them. Not a trace.