An INRA base called Stuart Retreat has been located in the HIP 15329 system on planet A 3 C (-62.61, -44.26). The base is perched on top of a cliff over looking a vast canyon. It’s a really nice location, albeit the nefarious nature of the facility.

Audio Logs Whistleblower

According to the audio logs, an agricultural scientist called Stuart who was working on creating a Mycoprotein, retreated to this facility with a copy of his work with regard to the Mycoid Virus. Stuart mentions the INRA site directly, Hermitage 4 A where he stumbled upon the Mycoid Virus in his research. There is an interesting point to note in the logs, that is, the new super weapon that was tested in Alnath A 2 A A

Someone should go and check out that system . . .