Survey Vessel Victoria’s Song

This survey vessel stumbled upon something out in the Aries Dark Region DB-X d1-63 somewhere on planet A 7 A – they were about to call it in, when … well, we’re not sure. The Comm’s log went dead. It sounds like the ship was attacked.

On further investigation of the ship, it looks in tact. But there is no one alive on board.

I headed out to look around Aries Dark Region DB-X d1-63 A 7 A …

Listening Posts

The existence of this vessel was revealed by the logs at Relay Station PSJ-17, plus the nearby listening post :

Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5 1


…Unknown Subroutine NNP-292-A Detected…

Signal Match Detected in HIP 17125.

…Partial Decryption Achieved…

You can’t just arrest us, we haven’t done anything wrong….
This is a registered survey mission, we have all the paperwork…
please listen to me….No…please…we’re an unarmed survey team….. please…………
Black flight 12 to command. Site secured…clean up underway.

:…Beacon Signal Interrupted…

Survey Vessel Victoria’s Song, Commanders Log 1/4

Some of the crew are not happy we’re working for the Feds, but this deal is too good to pass up.

With all the expansion going on in this region, we need to make sure we’re in at the beginning to secure the contracts we need.

This Survey mission is just that. A simple rock hop, scanning for minerals.

Survey Vessel Victoria’s Song, Commanders Log 2/4

We arrived in orbit around planet A 7 A a day ago, it’s been all hands on deck to make sure all the equipment is ready for launch down to surface.

While the majority of our planet scans just showed the usual mineral data, there is one area on this rock that is giving off some unusual readings.

If there is any profit to be made from this trip, I’ll bet my ship it’s going to be found there.

Survey Vessel Victoria’s Song, Commanders Log 3/4

We’ve stumbled onto something big. I don’t know what it is, or who built it, but we’ ve definitely hit the mother load.

Aries Dark Region DB-X d1-63 is gonna have our names on it.

First things first, I’ve got to make sure all this is by the numbers. I don’t want this going south because we didn’t fill in the correct paperwork.

I’m calling it in.

Survey Vessel Victoria’s Song, Commanders Log 4/4

Security vessel, please respond… Hold your fire! This is a registered survey mission, we have all the correct paperwork… Listen to me! You can’t just arrest us…we haven’t done anything wrong, we have rights.

Repeat we’re an unarmed survey team on a registered mission.

We surrender! Please!

Unknown Structure

Turns out that this Survey Vessel had stumbled across an Unknown Structure – of Thargoid origin at coordinates – 25.5553 // 78.1765

ED Bearing Coords


We now know about the machines inside these structures. This site is inactive.