Tip Off

“A message came in for you, isokix,

The location of a crashed ship carrying some interesting data has been made known to us. Our source tells us a clean up crew is on the way so you only have a few days to collect the data.

Get across to the Tascheter Sector CR-M a7-1 system first.
Then you need to land on Tascheter Sector CR-M a7-1 8 a.
Here are the co-ordinates you’ll need: Lat: -81.87, Lon: -13.42.
We’ve uploaded an access key to your system to allow you access to the data core.

Looking forward to seeing you back here, Commander.
Hope it goes well.”

Ship Message

Oh my gods….It can’t be….These things are a myth………..That noise………


Tascheter Sector CR-M A7-1Planet : 8 ACoords : -81.87 / -13.42