An INRA base located in the 12 Trianguli system on planet A1 at coordinates -51.57 | 130.66 has been located. The audio logs tell us that a commander Jameson delivered the MyCoid virus to the Thargoids.

Maybe this commander is the one from Shinrata Dezhra – Jameson Memorial. Perhaps this is how he earned his infamy in the Pilots Federation.

I wonder why such a large landing pad, *couch* T-10 ahem, say what now ?

The base is nestled deep inside a huge crater protected on all sides by a mountain. There base defences all around the perimeter. There is no security zone, it’s safe to enter the base and land near it with your ship. There are 4 data points to scan and lots of Engineering materials to collect.

12 Trianguli A1 -51.57 | 130.66