Thargoid Marauders

In BETA 3.0 in the Wyrd system, in Non Human Signal Sources, Thargoid Scout ships of the Marauder variant, can be found attacking Federal vessels. They seem to attack in numbers of around 10 or so. These are superb little alien ships, as they maneuver rapidly during combat. The ship of choice to combat this menace is the new Chieftain.


When you destroy a Marauder, check your CONTACTS panel for some nice new component parts. These can be used to make things like ENZYME MISSILES.


These little Thargoid Scouts are really fast and agile. They fire caustic missiles at you which will eat your ships hull in not time. They also stack. So more missile hits more caustic damage destroys your hull.

The Cure

The cure is to heat up your ship to over 200% (silent running) this burn off the caustic substance.

Chieftain vs Thargoid Marauder

When you destroy a Marauder check your contacts panel for wreckage parts. These are useful for Engineering. Bio-Mechanical Conduits, Propulsion Elements, Weapon Parts, Wreckage Components etc.

Bio-Mechanical Conduit

Weapon Parts

Wreckage Components

Propulsion System