A Thargoid Scout ship has been found out in the HIP 17125 system.

We are calling it a scout because our new Thargoid scanners thanks to AEGIS are telling us this. As yet there is no word from the Federation or any other governing body as to where it came from.

There is nothing to scan on the ship. I will continue to search the area to see if there is anything else of interest on this planet.

Location :
HIP 17125 A 3 A -65.8193 | 48.8662


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It is unknown as to how old the scout ship is. There are rumours that this pre-dates the current Thargoid Cyclop’ ships, but until we get word from the powers that be, we don’t really know. There are canisters scattered about the wreckage containing similar biological samples, resin and technological components, as can be found in and around the Thargoid Structures.