Barnacle Forest

Out in the HYADES SECTOR is a huge barnacle site dubbed “The Forest.” The size of this barnacle is like nothing else I have seen so far. It is absolutely huge. There are scavengers here too, which to my knowledge is the first time I have seen them at barnacle sites.

Green Haze

There is a green haze on covering the barnacles here which looks almost atmospheric. I am not sure if this is a natural phenomena or some kind of green mist excreted from the barnacles themselves.


There is an ever increasing rumbling sound emanating from deep beneath the surface. On approaching the barnacle in the center, the sound seems to increase in volume, which suggests that the growth and “spread” of the barnacle started at the big one.

HYADES SECTOR AQ-Y D81 C2Barnacle Forest 9.2943 / -153.9208Small Barnacle 14.3738 / -151.7665Small Barnacle 8.4944 / -32.6362

Thargoid Enters

Whilst I was deploying my SRV, I heard the familiar sound of witch space cracking open. I looked up, sure enough, there it was. A Thargoid ship bearing down on me! I quickly dismissed my mothership so as not to loose it. It worked, my mothership flew away unharmed. Phew!

Light Show

The light show that ensued was awesome to watch. It reminds me of the lights in the Thargoid cave when the you set off the machine. I wonder what that all means . . .

Crop Dusting ?

I’m not sure what is going here anymore. I thought it was re-fuelling, but now I am wondering if it’s crop dusting or “feeding” it’s barnacles to make them grow bigger. Maybe these are hatch-lings . . .


This was captured live on YouTube by yours truly. Check it out, here it is :