The Phagos Clan Dredger

Megaship The Phagos Clan Dredger has this awesome looking dredging device on the rear of the ship. Sucking in all kinds of space debris, including innocent space pilots and there ships! On scanning the logs, they reveal a harrowing tale of a space pilots ship being sucked into the dredging device destroying the ship. Luckily the pilot managed to eject. I say luckily, but that depends on your views of human cannibalism.

Note : Currently disabled, was briefly in BETA 2.4. click here




Mayday Alert – Channel Encryption 34D-X: This is an all systems mayday. I’m Commander Hal Coultard and I’m trapped. I was taking palladium from Lave to Reorte when I ran straight into a dredger. Scoop Just sucked me right in. I’d heard these guys were pretty oblivious to passing traffic but this is ridiculous. My Ship is fried but I managed to eject. Now I’m trapped in the guts of this thing. Maybe I’ll try and communicate with the crew. Then I could get them to drop me at the nearest station. It’ll be a suprise when I send them the bill for a new ship next week!


Mayday Alert – Channel Encryption 34D-X: Alert! I am in serious trouble here. I was moving through one of their tunnels – this place is like a maze of tubular corridors – and I saw one. It was feirce! And I mean looking-a-tiger-in-the-eye-fierce. I almost messed my flight suit. I cann’t believe these things are human – all long limbs and cybernetics. They’re like giant spiders. Maybe I should just wait until they dock somewhere and sneak off. No one even needs to know I was here.


Mayday Alert – Channel Encryption 34D-X: Mayday. Things have gone from bad to worse. I just hacked into their on-ship surveillance system and I’ve seen… things!! Rrituals. Feeding frenzies. It’s horrible. I need help. Someone. Anyone…


Mayday Alert – Channel Encryption 34D-X: They’ve found me. They put out some kind of hail over the intercom – told me to come out of hiding. To be perfectly honest they sounded kind of nice. Even offerred to have me for dinner. Maybe the ritual stuff was just a religious thing and they’re not psychopathic killers after all. I’m sure it was all just a misunderstanding. They couldn’t possibly be cannibals or anything. Could they. Could they?