April 17 3303

Today a huge discovery was made out in the Formadine Rift by the Children of Raxxla.

Several independent media outlets have received various holotapes from the mysterious organization, known as the Children of Raxxla, which provide evidence of the fate of a derelict megaship within the SYREADIAE JX-F C0 system. The holotapes provide telemetry and video recordings of the vessel as well as a message;

MegaShip : The Zurura

CoR Intelligence has decoded the Tionisla riddle, which provided them a system name. Upon that, a scout wing led by Commander Jackie Silver was immediately dispatched across the Formidine Rift to investigate. Upon arrival and investigation, we have determined this ship was part of the shadowy dynasty expedition. We believe the loss of the ships crew was an intentional act on the part of whomever launched the dynasty expedition based on evidence found at the site.”

“We are not asking you to believe us on our word alone, we ask each and every independent pilot who believes that the truth is out there to investigate for themselves before this is covered up by those who wish this not to come to the light of day. In this we have provided the system’s name, the ship’s telemetry and all the data we have been able to gather so far to various media outlets.”

“Fly safe Commanders and Remember…”

Several other media outlets have been quick to denounce the Children’s findings as fabrications and conspiracy theories. They have also reminded the public that this organization is led by the imperial fugitive Salomé and that they should not be trusted.

Cmdr Aleister Fox COR Curator

Deciphering Method *Combined work of Commanders Jackie Silver, Lyrae Cursorius, EfilOne and Sajime Chent-Shi.

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Galnet clues lead us to the following :






















Taking each starting letters, we then get :


“REBECCA” is cancelled out, leaving us with “SYREADIAEJXFC0”, which is : Syreadiae JX-F c0.

Character Voices

Zurara Ship Log Entry – 1/4

[Male crew member]

Zurara Ship Log Entry – 1/4 01/10/3270


We managed to overpower the invaders. but not before they took out the main reactor. We’re dead in space. with twenty minutes of life support left. Didn’t get nothing out of them before they died, but clearly it was all planned. They took a drug which killed them. Doc says it’s nicknamed ‘Hexedit’. First it kills your memories, then it kills you. Neat and tidy.

So we’re dead, just waiting for the end. This will be the last log from the Zurara. Some of the crew have already killed themselves. Others are praying to whatever deity they believe might help them. A few are drinking themselves into oblivion. I don’t know what will get us first the lack of oxygen or the cold. Battery power is about to die.


Zurara Ship Log Entry – 2/4

[Male crew member]

Zurara Ship Log Entry – 2/4 01/10/3270


Me? I’m leaving this log. This far out I doubt anyone will ever hear it, but well, what the hell?

We all signed up for the promise of big payouts, a year of your life in exchange for enough to retire on. I guess I should have looked closer at it, but you would have probably done the same, right? No need to work again. What’s clear now is whoever was behind this mission never intended for any of us to come back.

Damn, it’s cold in here now.


Zurara Ship Log Entry – 3/4

[Male crew member, increasingly out of breath]

Zurara Ship Log Entry – 3/4 01/10/3270


The folks managing the cargo, jees, they were all psychos. The moment we completed the mission they just ‘snapped’. Killed the ship and killed themselves. Some kind Of mental conditioning. Doc said. We tried to get word out to the other vessels when we found out. We got a signal out. but I don’t know if anyone received it. It will probably freak them out. I don’t think they know we’re here.

We dropped a series of beacons out here, all targeted around Earth-like or terraformable worlds We prepped some of the terraform candidates with seeders and biofilters. No one can figure out why it was necessary. but that was the mission. Just as we were turning back… boom, those cargo-handlers went nuts.


Zurara Ship Log Entry – 4/4

[Male crew member, increasingly out of breath]

Zurara Ship Log Entry – 4/4 01/10/3270


So that’s it. We don’t even know why we’ve been killed. But someone out there knows. someone out there has blood on their hands, a lot of it. If you figure it out. give them a message from us. You know what I mean.

Funny. We were told there was something bad out here, that it was haunted by ghosts…

I just never figured it would be us doing the haunting…


Female Voice – Amelia Tyler – click here

Zurara Ship Log – Additional Log Entry 1/3

[Older female]

Zurara Ship Log – Additional Log Entry – 21/08/3273


So this is what they were hiding. I’m leaving the old logs for reference. I might need to come back this way again and re-educate myself. Chances are my memory will get zapped again. If I don’t make it I’ll have to leave clues for others to follow. So, if you’re reading this and you’re not me, here’s the deal…


Zurara Ship Log – Additional Log Entry 2/3

[Older female]

Zurara Ship Log – Additional Log Entry – 21/08/3273


Found this ship. Took me years. This is the evidence. Nothing inside but void-frozen cadavers, perfectly preserved, some with drinks still in their hands. But the log. They sent these poor souls out here because they needed waypoints. all prepped for every eventuality. Three different zones it would seem.


Zurara Ship Log – Additional Log Entry 3/3

[Older female]

Zurara Ship Log – Additional Log Entry – 21/08/3273


There’s a conspiracy. Guess you figured that out already, but it goes way up, way beyond the Feds, the Imps and the Alliance. Something is coming, don’t know what it is. but it’s bad and it’s all being hidden. All this weird stuff far out in the void? It’s some kind of contineency plan. The answer to why and who is back in the core, not out here. That’s where I’m going next Wish me luck.