High Value Data

After handing in lots of missions in the Quince system, I received 3 Tip Off’s in my inbox. One of which I had already received and followed up. But I also got two new ones. These were a different kind of ‘Tip Off’ though. This was relating to Tip Off’s about hidden data locked up inside data cores. I had to scan various cores and then hand in the data / intel.

Lat: -18.93, Lon: 90.46
Torno, 3

Payout for the data was around 2M credits.

Tip Off

Ah, yes, Commander isokix, Something for you.

This one needs to be on the down-low Commander. We’ve got a lead on some high value data. This is the kind of stuff that powerful people don’t want out in the open. If you can recover it, maybe we can put it to good use. If you know what I mean.

Get down on Torno 3 in the Torno system. You’ll need to navigate to: Lat: -18.93, Lon: 90.46. Once there you’ll need an encryption key to fully access the data core. Lucky for you, I’ve taken the liberty of adding thay to your ship’s systems.

It’s likekly someone is already there. They won’t be invincible, but be prepared, eh?

Remember, someone might already be on the way there, so you could have competition, Commander. Expires on: 23/05/3303