OK, this is a weird find. This transmitter was found from beacons transmitting the location. I am a little confused as to what this is supposed to be though. The data up-link points give nothing away as to what it’s transmitting and why it’s all the way out here. They just elude to some weirdo falling asleep at the con and waking up in mysterious places.

Sounds like CMDR Krollin after one to many glasses of vino to me . . .

YouTube Video

Listening Posts

Listening Posts :

Temnet A 1
Col 285 Sector OR-F b26-2 A 1
Col 285 Sector YC-F b26-9


The location of this transmitter is revealed by the three nearby listening posts. There are Engineer Materials scattered around on the floor, and a Data Point which can be scanned for an Intel Package.

System : HR 6890Body : A 123.1737, 97.4123


What am I doing here?

l was asleep in my bunk floating around in deep space.

How can I be on a planet?


It’s happened again.

It’s the same every time. I fall asleep and find myself on an alien world.

This can’t be real real it’s so vivid.


This time I wasn’t asleep.

On hell it’s real, it’s real. How can I be doing this?

I need help… I can’t control it.

Someone help me, please.